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Emil Heidkamp

Emil Heidkamp

Founder, Senior Learning Strategist

Emil Heidkamp has helped organizations such as Microsoft, Pearson Education and the Washington Post to translate classroom training and print content into rich online learning experiences.  While Emil has developed learning for every context, he has particular expertise in the area of online instructor-led training. Having come to instructional design by way of multimedia production (his first learning-related job was recording voice-over narration for e-Learning activities), Emil focuses on helping clients apply technology to produce transformative results at a reasonable cost.

Scott MacQuarrie

Scott MacQuarrie

Senior Learning Strategist

Scott MacQuarrie has worked at the forefront of e-Learning for over two decades, from pioneering research at Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences, to senior learning positions with Allstate, Beam and Zurich North America. While Scott has designed and implemented learning programs on a massive scale, he remains focused on providing meaningful experiences to individual learners. His philosophy is that learning cannot be treated as one-size-fits-all or implemented as a superficial fix for deeper issues; to succeed, learning must embody the culture of the organization in a way that feels genuine to learners, and reflect a sincere organizational commitment to achieving transformative change.


Kate Anthony

Training Consultant

Kate Anthony has provided training services to organizations of literally all sizes and stripes, from Fortune 500 firms to major league baseball teams, across the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico. She has experience directly managing teams of trainers, as well as providing coaching to the internal training staff of client organizations. Ms. Anthony is also a licensed attorney, having entered the field of training by facilitating seminars on legal issues for corporate executives.


Jay Sukow

Training Consultant

Jay Sukow has over a decade of experience leading workshops on communications, team collaboration and problem solving for top global companies including PepsiCo, McDonalds, Kraft, Harris Bank, Eli Lilly and Yahoo! UK.

Marchel van Antwerp

Operations Manager

Nathaniel Simpson

Head of Software Development

Our Experience

Our learning strategists have experience designing, developing and delivering learning content for organizations of all types and sizes, from small businesses and schools to Fortune 500 corporations and major universities.

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