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Subject Matter Experts vs. Learning Experts

2018-03-20T06:58:33+00:00 Content Development|

When organizations post RFPs for instructional design or e-learning consultants, they will often list "PhD or Master's Degree" among the requirements. The reasoning behind such requirements seems common sense, however it misses some basic points about the relationship between subject matter experts, instructional designers and learners...

Good News for “Boring” Trainers: You Don’t Have to be Entertaining to be Effective

2018-10-20T04:28:51+00:00 Capacity Building, Instructor-Led Training|

Most people working for large organizations have suffered through some brutally boring classroom experiences facilitated by less-than-engaging instructors. Combined with a general aversion to public speaking, this leaves most people reluctant to assume the mantle of training facilitator, themselves, even within their area of expertise...