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Emil Heidkamp is the founder of Sonata Learning.  He works with NGOs, corporations and government agencies to implement training and knowledge management initiatives impacting thousands of learners in over 50 countries.

Sonata Notes: You Can’t Cure Jerks, but You *Can* Stop Workplace Harassment

2018-11-18T03:06:36+00:00 Sonata Notes|

At this point, there's no denying that workplace sexual harassment and discrimination are serious, pervasive issues.  While it’s true that many problems result from the misconduct of a few bad actors, the effect of even a single bully or harasser on your team should not be underestimated.

Sonata Notes: The Secret World of “Shadow IT”

2018-11-16T06:00:26+00:00 Sonata Notes|

From Google Docs to Slack, cloud-based productivity apps are allowing employees to work from anywhere, get more done and collaborate more effectively in real time. While the convenience of these tools is a welcome improvement over old desktop software, individuals might start using cloud apps without the knowledge or approval of their IT department.   

The Rough Guide to Global Capacity Building: Quick Tips to Improve NGO Training

2018-10-24T00:19:51+00:00 Whitepapers|

As a learning and knowledge management consultant, I particularly enjoy working with NGO clients who do important work in challenging environments.   From onboarding volunteers in the midst of a crisis to strengthening civil society in fragile states or operating health clinics in remote mountain villages, NGOs face some [...]

Sonata Notes: What Can NGOs Do to Help Refugees Acquire Critical Job Skills?

2018-10-05T13:05:31+00:00 Sonata Notes|

Despite the hysterics of far-right nationalists, influxes of refugees have the potential to positively impact economies all over the world.  Yet many refugees find themselves at a disadvantage when compared to native workers, because they did not have the opportunity to develop crucial job skills in their birth countries.  

Sonata Notes: Should We Stop Using Facebook for Learning?

2018-10-05T13:09:20+00:00 Sonata Notes|

Since 2004, Facebook has grown from a networking site for Harvard students to a multibillion-dollar empire encompassing both its flagship platform and newer acquisitions like Instagram and WhatsApp, with billions of users of all ages in every part of the world. But, with the revelation that the personal data of at least 50 million users was secretly harvested by a consulting firm working for the Trump campaign, users are having major doubts about whether Facebook can protect their privacy – or if they’re even trying.

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