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to areas with limited or zero connectivity

Delivering multimedia e-learning to regions without reliable broadband Internet or high-speed mobile networks can be a challenge. That’s why Sonata Learning developed an Offline e-Learning Player capable of serving large audiences of learners in limited or zero-connectivity environments.

Sonata’s player is available for Android devices and Windows computers.  It is possible to install both versions without an Internet connection and content can be transferred via USB, SD cards or other physical media. allowing content to be physically carried or mailed to learners in the field.  The player is available for free on Google Play (clients pay to create the content packages), one copy of the player can support multiple users, and users can make as many copies of the player as required without additional license fees. Results data can then be emailed or physically mailed back on USB media for tracking in our online LMS or analyzed locally in Excel.

If your organization operates in regions without reliable Internet access, then contact Sonata Learning for a demonstration of our Offline e-Learning Player.  You can also try right now: click here to download the Android version for free from the Google Play store or download the latest installers and demo content from our DropBox account.


Unique offline e-learning technology. Ideal for NGOs and developing countries

Flat, one-time charge for each course. Perpetual license for unlimited users per-course

Run on Android, Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Macintosh or Linux.

Play any SCORM 2004 compliant e-Learning file. Play any WebM or H.264 encoded video

Export results to a file for emailing or analysis in Excel. Import e-learning results data into our online LMS


Most “offline” players assume that users normally have high-speed Internet access with only occasional interruptions. These solutions require users to “check out” content via the Internet then “check in” to sync results. By contrast, our app is designed to work in the complete absence of Internet connectivity.


Supports SCORM-compliant e-learning

Compatible with all major authoring tools (Articulate, Captivate, Lectora)

Supports HD video and audio content

Track learner progress and results


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