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Provide online training and certification for employees/members

Whether you want to provide self-guided training on demand or instructor-led classes via web conferencing, Sonata can help your organization design, develop and deliver effective online learning that saves money, reduces logistical burdens and achieves measurable improvements in knowledge and skills. If your organization manages professional certification programs, we can help ensure that your programs fully comply with the requirements of accrediting bodies.

Support every aspect of organizational development

From new-hire onboarding to up-skilling, sales enablement, support enablement, and post-merger integration, we can create effective training programs for any situation.

Help customers adopt products faster and reduce support call volume

If your business involves training customers on how to use your products, then we can help you create engaging, cost-effective training programs that will help them achieve proficiency quickly and reduce the number of support calls you receive on basic issues.


Build the capacities of staff and partners to advance your mission

Nonprofits and NGOs often have special requirements for training, from onboarding volunteers to making sure implementation partners have the requisite skills and knowledge to help your programs succeed. Sonata Learning can help you develop strategies for capacity development that are appropriate for your particular audience and mission.

Deliver training to a worldwide audience

Sonata Learning’s clients operate in over 30 countries on every inhabited continent.  This has given us unique experience adapting content to multiple languages, and an appreciation for the impact of culture on a training program’s effectiveness. We can help you to fine-tune your training programs for a variety of regional audiences.

Reach learners in regions with limited or zero Internet connectivity

We have developed unique learning technologies specifically for organizations that operate in regions where reliable, affordable broadband Internet access cannot be taken for granted.  See the page on our offline e-learning player for details.

Government Agencies

Control training costs while improving training outcomes

Whether you are facing budget constraints or simply want to improve efficiency, Sonata Learning can help you identify opportunities to restructure your training programs and leverage technology to reduce overall spending, while achieving comparable or superior outcomes.

Share knowledge with your constituents

Sonata Learning can help you keep the communities you serve up to date on regulations and other developments through knowledge sharing sites, online courses and workshops.

Educational/Research Institutions

Turn your research into effective training programs

Your research has the potential to change the world, but only if stakeholders can build the requisite capacities and relate new information and technologies to their day-to-day work. Sonata Learning can partner with your institution to enhance the impact of your work through relevant online, classroom and blended learning programs.

Provide distance learning with a personal touch

Technology works best when used to enhance, rather than supplant, the bond between teacher and student. That’s why Sonata Learning specializes in creating instructor-led online courses, using a blend of self-guided material, real-time web conferencing and social media, to help course facilitators guide participants through the online learning experience.

Take full advantage of classroom technology

While most everyone acknowledges the potential of technology to transform classrooms and schools, figuring out how to effectively implement learning technology too often remains an elusive goal. Our learning strategists have extensive experience assisting academic institutions with selecting the right technologies and tailoring content for any system.

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