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Strategic Consulting

Whether you are just beginning to think about your organization’s learning strategy or need to re-assess your existing training programs, Sonata Learning can help clarify your organization’s goals and identify the best strategies to meet them.  Who are your learners?  What skills and knowledge do they need to acquire to advance your organization’s mission?  What is your budget, and what resources are available to support your training programs?  How will we measure success?  The answers to these questions will drive subsequent decisions about content development and delivery formats.

Content Development

From multimedia e-learning to traditional classroom materials, Sonata Learning can create effective content for any context.  Our consultants are proficient in all major e-learning tools (Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, iSpring, etc.) and have expert-level writing and editorial skills.  We will work with your subject matter experts to develop self-guided online/mobile courses with video and interactive elements, instructor guides and student workbooks for classroom sessions, or whatever else your program may require.

Capacity-Building Workshops

In addition to custom learning-development services, Sonata Learning can deliver capacity-building workshops on a variety of subjects, from communications skills to collaborative problem solving, “train-the-trainer” sessions and more. Our workshops are highly participatory, and we will tailor the various exercises and case studies to make them directly relevant to your organization’s mission/business.

Learning Technology

To deliver and manage large-scale training programs online, you need a specialized web application known as a Learning Management System (LMS).  Sonata’s LMS is among the most learner-friendly solutions on the market, with unique features for organizations that operate in regions with limited or zero Internet access. If you already have an LMS, we can help you to get the most from your existing platform. We can also create custom web and mobile apps to support any aspect of your operations.

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